SAP Training Event

Transformative Coaching with John Costigan
April 2, 2024
Ham Yard Hotel, London
John Costigan
Coaching Seminar
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event description


In the heart of London, SAP London hosted an exclusive training event led by master sales coach John Costigan, focused on mastering techniques to shorten the sales cycle. This immersive experience was meticulously designed to equip sales professionals with practical skills and strategies essential for accelerating sales processes in today's fiercely competitive market.

What Attendees Experienced

Live Sales Calls:

Participants gained invaluable insights into effective techniques for initiating conversations, navigating objections, and orchestrating successful deal closures, all aimed at shortening the sales cycle.

Interactive Workshops:

Through hands-on workshops and role-playing exercises, attendees honed their abilities to streamline sales processes and expedite customer conversions, under John's expert guidance.

Script Development:

Guided by John's expertise, participants crafted persuasive sales scripts tailored to their industries and target audiences, with a focus on driving quicker decision-making and accelerating sales cycles.

Sales Strategy Sessions:

Immersed in intensive sales strategy sessions, attendees developed comprehensive approaches to prospecting, lead generation, and relationship-building, strategically designed to compress sales timelines.

Objection Handling Mastery:

Equipped with proven objection handling techniques, participants learned to swiftly address obstacles and objections, eliminating barriers that can prolong the sales cycle.

Closing Techniques:

Exploring advanced closing techniques, attendees learned to recognize buying signals, overcome final objections, and orchestrate swift deal closures, expediting the sales process and driving faster results.

Post-Event Support

Beyond the event, participants received access to exclusive resources and support materials aimed at reinforcing their learning and sustaining their growth in implementing strategies to shorten the sales cycle.


"This training provided practical skills that immediately helped me accelerate my sales process." - Jane Doe, Sales Representative

Secure your spot today and revolutionize your sales approach with John Costigan's SAP London Training Event focused on how to shorten the sales cycle.