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Your Challenges

Right Person?

  •  Do you struggle day after day with gaining access to thee key decision maker? 
  •  Tired of repeated attempts via phone calls, voice mail, email and LinkedIn that are rarely effective?
  •  Gatekeepers, Admins and Executive Assistants keeping you out of the loop at your every turn?


Right Conversation?

  • Do you have a process or do you “wing-it?”
  •  Once you find the right person, what’s your opening line that is completely different and doesn’t sound like everyone else?
  •  What “Pre-Work” are you doing prior to the call that will blow them away?


Right Now!

  •  What if you could close business, even multi-million dollar solutions in half the time?
  •  Objection Handling?  Do you have a process?   If you can’t overcome objections, the sales process will drag on.
  •  What if you could already hit your quota mid year without struggling in late December?

The Costigan Sales System helps you sell more, better,now.


Talk To The Right Person

Get to the decision maker in half the time and help their intermediaries make the sale for you

Get More Callbacks

Get 40%+ people to give you a callback within 24 hours and be excited to talk to you

Convert Leads Into Buyers

Implement an easy and repeatable system to turn leads into buyers in record time

Get the same online sales training as major companies!

"Training the top companies in the world in-person with live sales demonstration has allowed me to know exactly how to help them implement a proven sales system to sell more of their products, better!"

- John Costigan, Founder 

How It Works

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Shortcut your sales process, spend less time training new hires and simplify how to get to YES.

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