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John Costigan entertains, educates and empowers teams with live cold calling seminars and presentations that turns the most skeptical salespeople into believers.

Customized Sales Training Solutions




Nearly anyone can spend a few hours firing up your sales staff. Lasting success requires much more than a passionate speaker. Sales training must be “sticky.” It must change behaviors over time. Our core sales training programs are tailored to your team’s unique needs. It includes select courses delivered onsite and online, plus ongoing reinforcement options to prevent newly learned behaviors from declining.
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On Site

Voted as one of the top sales trainers in the world! John  Costigan loves selling without a net. We define that as making live phone calls in front of a live audience.
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Virtual & Online

Educate and empower your team to sell more products, get into the right levels and close faster...all through a virtual system that doesn’t require travel expenses for your people to get trained. While there is no substitute for live onsite training with John, this is the next best thing.


Memories fade over time. There is a tendency to resist change and lapse into old behaviors. Our ongoing reinforcement training addresses these two main obstacles. Your customized plan can range from one hour per week to one hour per month, according to your goals, needs and schedule.