Get the same training that Google, ORACLE, amazon and hundreds of others have utilized to further their sales effectiveness, 

Our training is broken down into there main components: 


  1. Right Person 

  2. Right Conversation

  3. Right Now 

Mike Mancini

Entrepreneur, Investor

"John is the only sales trainer in my decades of sales and management that has actually made calls in real time. Powerful and absolutely unique!"

David Payne

Managing Director

"John lives what he trains, and trains what he lives. John is absolutely genuine. And it shows in every interaction. His methods are actionable, accessible and effective. Just listen and follow, it works well. He's a pleasure to work with and has become a good friend over the years we've collaborated. I'd trust him with my sales team anytime."

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92 Cornerstone Drive, Suite 214

Cary, NC 27519


Voted "Top 25 US Trainer," John understood early on that it's more than just having good content.

"Our goal is to be memorable, as narcissistic as that sounds." John explains.   


"The best trainer I've ever seen changed me for life, not just for the day.  I knew at that moment, I wanted to be that person." 


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John Costigan has been named Top 25 Most Influential Sales Trainers in the United States as well as "Best Speaker" 2 years in a row for HIDA.

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