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In 2002, on a $100 bet from his oldest brother, John started his company based on two key frustrations he and his colleagues witnessed over and over again when required to attend sales training seminars; they were much too long and they were unrealistic.

Then it hit him.

"What better way to demonstrate a sales trainers' techniques than to request a live demonstration on real prospects to validate the process."

This simple idea lead to training more than 200,000 people in 30+ countries, including companies such as Google, Oracle, and Amazon.

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Our mission is to raise the bar of the sales training experience through technology, education, and entertainment to help our customers become empowered to maximize their success.

About John Costigan



“I think most of my fellow Oracle alumni would agree that John Costigan’s training is some of the most authentic stuff out there, and still helps me think through how I approach conversations today!” -Michael Towle, Oracle

"Career changing for anyone is Sales, I guarantee it!!!" -Michael Loizzo

"I have seen it and its priceless."-Nick Stauff, Global Shared Services

"I still remember you calling the White House and getting past the gatekeepers :-)"-Neha Kaul

"Outstanding seminars in London/New York 2008/9 - they still work today!" -Akram El-Rikabi

"You helped define my sales career in many ways, having been exposed to you as a training very early on. I tell my team all the time “yes is a great answer, no is a good answer, but maybe sucks.” -Paul Oliver, Intralkins

"You are the best sales trainer I ever had! You are the sales trainer we all talk about, years after we had the training." -Jesper Sahlman

"You have developed and bolstered incredible skills in so many people, changing career paths and lives." -Jodie Prestinario, ZipRecruiter

"Thank you for all of your inspiration - I still quote you from a training I had 8 years ago. You making an impact is an understatement!" -Charlene Baker

"You’ve made a difference for me. Best training I’ve ever had." -Michael Petrarca

"Thank you for your OUTSTANDING seminars in London/New York 2008/9 - they still work today!" -Akram El-Rikabi

"I have implemented your principles at every role I’ve had and team I’ve led. Because they’re principles and still work. My training materials from you training while I was at Oracle are always within an arm’s reach." -Michael Johnson

"Love the simplicity and consistency."-Graham Douglas, SurveyMonkey

"It was so much fun. I still use what you taught me to this day." -Cliff Derdeyn, Rackspace

"You impacted many sales people and their thinking." -Conor Walsh

"Johnny C. Selling Smiles." -Thomas Walton

"I've been fortunate enough to attend a couple of your "live calling" classes. Pretty amazing stuff! I've never seen anyone better on the phone!" -Kevin Heller

"Your training was impacted! I took what I learned and implemented it with my team as a manager, thanks for helping me be successful!"-Laura Herzog

"Your zest for having a roadmap to success is what kept me captivated. You're a very good teacher and I enjoy watching your videos and reading your posts." -Kevin Rabinowitz

"John teaches you how to sell for the benefit of the individual as well as the company. Way ahead of his time in teaching problem solving communication." -Michael Berrada

"Best sales training I've ever had!" -Dawn Brannen

"'What to say and how to say it!' Got the CD's from about 10 years ago." -Elliott Gray

"People helping people. Smiles selling smiles." -Carl Lombardi, Twilio

"I still love John Costigan after all these years. Also use his techniques DAILY!" -Laurie Bullock

"Best training I've ever had with you during my time in IT sales, still love listening to you and your advice." -Simon Matthews

"I always remember the Costigan Sales Training at Oracle from gosh many years ago. I keep your signature reminder fundamentals card close by. Start at the top!" -Shawn Nicolas, Oracle

"I can tell you, without hesitation that the coaching and training you provided (while at Oracle) remains the best I’ve been apart of in 25 years." - Joe Connors, Oracle

"I came into your atmosphere having the luck to see you speak at HIDA many years ago. I was so blown away. You gave me (us) a free copy of your CDs - and I was hooked." -Brett Booth

"You are a very insightful person with lots to offer the sales industry for many decades to come." -Nick Konen

"Thanks for helping us gain perspective in sales and life." -Chris Werely

"Appreciate all of your great insights on LIFE and sales." -Barry Leffew

"Your confidence, conviction & tenacity instilled the persistence & perseverance in me, that was required to be successful in enterprise software sales." -Thomas DiPinto

“The worst part about your class is that it’s too short. In fact the consensus among all of my reps was the same: they wished they had more time with you……And that is something I have never ever heard them say about a training class. Great Job!” - JL, President

“John presents a very different approach. It is very scary at first, but he proves to you it works on the very first day because the guy does it LIVE !!!!” -JB, District Manager

“This is the only sales training that I’ve ever been in where the instructor actually surfaced an opportunity in one of my accounts!!!! What are you doing tomorrow? Thanks John!” -DC, Account Executive

“Just wanted to share another successful call with you. Using your techniques I was able to get “rescued” a number of times by my customer! Amazing. What’s even better is after they educated me on the phone, we moved from a number 3 choice to number 1. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. I thank you. My bank account thanks you.” -MM, Account Executive

“Wow! Look out customers, here I come!” -DA, Account Executive

“These “in class” exercises blow away fake company role playing that they do in other training classes we have had.” -TE, Account Executive

“Outstanding! While seeing isn’t always believing, I am convinced of the success of this training.” -DN, Account Executive

“Wonderful job. For a person with an attention problem, I was glued!” -JK, Account Manager

“I had a ‘Costigan’ day today. I called one of the world’s largest camera companies. The technique you taught blew me away. The next thing I know, the Director of Warranty Claims World Wide is actually talking to me on the phone within minutes. It turns out they chose another vendor a year ago and it’s not going well. We contacted the vendor and they want us to help them. I’m still scratching my head. I can’t believe this just happened. Thank you.” -MG, Account Manager

“I just coached an account team to do a 180 about-face on their strategy for a customer call. You should have seen the excitement. It was tremendous! They basically ripped up the original agenda! Thanks John!” - MM, Account Executive

“There are a few of us a little older in the tooth that have done more sales courses and listened to more selling theories than what’s probably good for us. Your class was truly different AND REFRESHING. Just watching the conversation with my client ‘LIVE’ was worth the price of admission!” -CF, Head of Alliances

“Dynamic, energetic, attention grabbing!” -SR, Sales Executive

“Surpassed all expectations! Absolutely applicable to my accounts.” -PF, Sales

“Wow – finally a simple way to do business.” -TE, Account Executive

“Quick update on my largest brokerage house account in New York. Per your recommendation, I was able to move this opportunity forward, with the customer maintaining the ownership of the action plan and next steps. Your suggested techniques allowed me to prioritize the key steps and ensure we met their (as well as my) time frame of signing paperwork this calendar year. Thanks again for the support.” -DS, Account Executive

“John, I had to drop you a note. I followed up with a voicemail message to my ‘never returns calls’ client. We ended up having a 45 minute discussion with the V.P. of Operations whom we had never spoken to before. He told me detail after detail about their business and even invited us in for a follow-up. –JL, President

“A very refreshing course where John practically demonstrated the principles he clearly believes in. Well done!” -MC, Client Manager

“Effective in its simplicity. Remember what matters to the customer on a personal level and achieve maximum results with minimum effort.” -SV, Sales

“This class far exceeded my expectations. I was hoping to learn some tips, not recreate my entire sales role. Thanks!” -RH, Account Manager

“One of my reps has been frustrated over not getting return phone calls from a prospect that we were a finalist on for an RFP in December. I left a voicemail just like you said. Within hours, he called back and actually apologized to us! This gave me an opportunity to probe the sales cycle and find out where we stood. I learned we were 3 times the price of everyone else for implementation. We are back in the ball game, but only because your technique WORKED! Thanks so much, it has made all the difference!” -KL, Retail Sales Manager

“This class provides a new process to tackle tough accounts and also to address current issues. I found it far more entertaining and realistic than previous sales training.” –JW, Senior Account Executive

“John is so passionate and very captivating. Keep up the great job!” –SEF, Sales Assistant

“John’s incredible confidence in this approach is evident, but his ability to execute to ‘LIVE’ clients is clearly the proof in the pudding. He has given us a new focus and challenge on how to succeed.” -KF, Account Executive

“Excellent! Thanks a LOT. This is the best training I’ve had at my company so far!! Practical application of good theory.” -LF, Account Executive

“I’ve gained more value out of the last day and a half than I did in five days of other training. Costigan helps get us in the door. Excellent course.” -MC, Account Executive

“Love the class. I wish we had the entire week to practice with your assistance.” -JS, Account Executive

“Excellent, excellent training from John Costigan. Here is an instructor that has real sales experience and knowledge of what he is talking about. Awesome class! The best I ever had at SAS.” -KL, Account Executive

“Sales training for the sales pro.” -KM, Account Executive

“If you want to get to the pain and want to get to the correct people, take this approach – none other!!!” -JS, Account Executive

“Refreshing! Not a canned or over-practiced presentation. One of the best training classes I’ve attended. Highly recommend!” -OJ, Senior Account Executive

“This was the first ‘real life’ training I’ve been to. All of the others are so theoretical. This is the real deal. You gave us the confidence to say what we know needs to be said.” -LV, Senior Account Executive

“You brought vitality back to how I approach leaving messages, qualifying opportunities and maintaining customer satisfaction. I am much more confident in the results that I can expect from my team.” -MH, Sales Director

“One of my reps asked me to call a customer today who hasn’t been returning her calls and hasn’t sent back his licensing paperwork. It’s been a month with no contact. So I called him and used your techniques on voicemail. I swear to you, in less than 30 seconds, he called back and I had him eating out of the palm of my hand! He said how terrific we were and he apologized profusely for being negligent in getting the paperwork back. We got the deal! It works! Thanks.” -PK, District Manager Inside Sales

“This class makes sales fun again.” -KP, Account Executive


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