We do sales training "LIVE"

"Live" Cold Calls! "Live" Objections!
john costigan
john costigan
john costigan
john costigan
john costigan
john costigan
john costigan

Live Prospects!
Live Cold Calls!
Live Objection Handling!

Anyone can tell you what to do.
We show you, then teach you.

We're  not just sales training...

No Matter ou Sell,
‍We'll Get You To The
Right Person,
To Have The Right Conversation,
Right Now!

The Costigan Sales System Helps You Sell More, Better, Now.

Talk To The Right Person

Get to the decision maker in half the time and help their intermediaries make the sale for you

Overcome Objections

Cut through any kind of resistance from decision makers or gate keepers

Close Faster

Learn the best way to close deals that are stuck, and how to prevent them from getting there in the first place

"Our people to this day still use his techniques!"

Addressing Real Challenges

Have the right conversations, with the right people at the right time.

Target The Right Person

  • Do you struggle day after day with gaining access to thee key decision maker?

Have The Right Conversation

  • Do you have a process or do you “wing-it?”

Do It In Half The Time

  • What if you could close business, even multi-million dollar solutions in half the time?
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Meet John Costigan

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"Training the top companies in the world in-person with live sales demonstration has allowed me to know exactly how to help them implement a proven sales system to sell more of their products, better!"

- John Costigan, Founder
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J.E., Field Rep

“I learned more in 1 hour than I did in 2 weeks, AND closed a deal stalled for 3 months!”


D.C., Account Executive

“John teaches you it’s not about being the smartest person in the room.  It’s about being the smartest “salesperson” in the room.” 

–JW, Senior Account Executive 

“This class provides a new process to tackle tough accounts and address current issues. I found it far more entertaining and realistic than previous sales training.” 

-KF, Account Executive 

“John’s incredible confidence in this approach is evident, but his ability to execute to ‘LIVE’ clients is clearly the proof in the pudding. He has given us a new focus and challenge on how to succeed.”

-LF, Account Executive 

“Excellent! Thanks a LOT. This is the best training I’ve had at my company so far!! Practical application of good theory.”

-MC, Account Executive

“I’ve gained more value out of the last day and a half than I did in five days of other training. Costigan helps get us in the door. Excellent course.”

-JS, Account Executive

“Love the class. I wish we had the entire week to practice with your assistance.” 

-KL, Account Executive

“Excellent, excellent training from John Costigan. Here is an instructor that has real sales experience and knowledge of what he is talking about. Awesome class! The best I ever had at SAS.” 

-OJ, Senior Account Executive 

“Refreshing! Not a canned or over-practiced presentation. One of the best training classes I’ve attended. Highly recommend!”

-LV, Senior Account Executive

“This was the first ‘real life’ training I’ve been to. All of the others are so theoretical. This is the real deal. You gave us the confidence to say what we know needs to be said.”

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Learn more about the John Costigan system with the “WHAT TO SAY & HOW TO SAY IT” mini-training already downloaded by 200,000+ sales enthusiasts.

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