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The Road Less Traveled

When John lost his father on Mother's Day, 1972. the concept of "you're on your own" took on an entirely new meaning. Being 1 of 6 siblings, he witnessed family, togetherness, competitiveness, and maybe the most significant lesson, the life of a single mother, which to this day he believes is still the toughest job in the world. In his attempt to "help out," his first job was selling dirt out of little red wagon on the streets of Chicago at the age of 9. "I would knock on doors all over Chicago asking to spread dirt on the yellow spots on their lawn for $5. Pretty simple." Basketball became his priority for the next 15 years as he played collegiately and professionally in the European ranks.

When injury halted his career in 1986, he returned home to his native Chicagoland and took on sales as a profession. Comdisco, EMC, and various dot.com's where his path of employment for the next 16 years. Albeit John's "sales" life was very successful, he felt something was missing. Then one day in 2002, after attending a sales training seminar, he phoned his brother to explain his dismay.

It was then when he heard the magic words of, "Well, if you think you're so damn good, why don't you do it, Johnny?" Costigan Companies was born. A "real" time sales training class where techniques would be demonstrated "Live." We like to call it, "Selling without a net." This simple idea parlayed John into training some of the largest clients in the world and offering classes on Prospecting, Objection Handling, Sales Process, Closing and a host of other programs, all developed with the "live" concept in mind.

John currently resides in Cary, NC with his two children, Jack and Grace. He continues to train, consult, and is also a motivational speaker and will die a happy man because his Chicago Cubs finally won The World Series in his lifetime!

Client List:

Oracle, Google, Tommy Hilfiger, SAS, Experian, Rosetta Stone, NetApp, Merrill Corp, Bullhorn and CCC Information Services and hundreds of others.

Locations Trained:

The United States, The United Kingdom, Bangalore India, Dubai, Spain, Germany, Ireland, France.

  • Named Top 25 Most Influential Sales Trainers in the United States
  • Named “Best Speaker” 2 years in row by HIDA
  • 250,000 + People Trained
  • 10,000 + Downloads and CD's sold of his highly acclaimed, "What To Say and How To Say It"
  • NBC's "The Apprentice" Guest Expert
  • Host of weekly radio show, "Everyone's a Sales Person"