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The Hardest Question We Get

One of the hardest questions we get here at Costigan Companies is "What makes you different than all the other sales training companies out there?" 

Our answer is candid but doesn't come without being labeled as borderline narcissistic:  John Costigan

PLEASE KEEP READING because if we were you, we'd click the "X" on the browser and be done with us as well.

Question: I guarantee YOU have at one time been stuck in a seminar or training event where you can just feel the "OMG, this is going to be a long day!" Followed by repeated glances to your watch while counting down the minutes to the next break or the end of the day.

Would you agree that regardless of how great the content might have been, if the instructor can't connect with the audience and hold your attention, the session is doomed from the start.

Better Yet:  What's even more realistic is if the content is poor and the trainer is good, you probably thought it was a good session! 

THE REAL ANSWER:  It's the vision, successes and failures of one man selling from the age of 9 and his ability to not just educate audiences from all over the world, but entertain and empower people to take action and transform their lives for the better.

With this formula of E3 (Entertain, Educate and Empower) we strive to not just differentiate, but motivate through demonstration! 

Welcome to "LIVE" Sales Training. 

Client List:

Oracle, Google, Tommy Hilfiger, SAS, Experian, Rosetta Stone, NetApp, Merrill Corp, Bullhorn and CCC Information Services and hundreds of others.

Locations Trained:

The United States, The United Kingdom, Bangalore India, Dubai, Spain, Germany, Ireland, France.

  • Named Top 25 Most Influential Sales Trainers in the United States
  • Named “Best Speaker” 2 years in row by HIDA
  • 250,000 + People Trained
  • 10,000 + Downloads and CD's sold of his highly acclaimed, "What To Say and How To Say It"
  • NBC's "The Apprentice" Guest Expert
  • Host of weekly radio show, "Everyone's a Sales Person"