​Who was your favorite teacher growing up? Chances are they understood you, made you feel important, and at the end of the day made the class entertaining and fun.

The problem is people would rather be entertained than educated.  But if you can do both, you now have the ability to empower them to take action and apply real-life lessons.



Through our advanced lightboard technology, we made it easier for you to get your teams trained from the comfort of your office.

While there is no substitute for live on-site training with John, this is the next best thing.

Better yet, it’s customized specifically to your company, your products, your customers, your competition, your specific objections, even your “speak” as to the specific terminology and acronyms in your business…..and it’s done “LIVE.”


Get the same training we used with companies like Oracle, Amazon, Google, SAP, Gilead Pharmaceuticals, and many more! With dozens of videos, activities, worksheets, and guides, this program will give you all the tools necessary to SELL BETTER! 

Costigan Academy guides you through the entire sales process, step-by-step. This is sales training is made by salespeople, for salespeople. We're big believers in less is more and keeping it simple.

We focus on giving you what you need to be successful: Prospecting & Cold-Calling, Objection Handling, Sales Process, and more!

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"WHAT TO SAY & HOW TO SAY IT" Digital Download

Want to learn on the go? Here's what you get with this digital download:

·        4.5+ hours of entertaining content

·        Reinforcement techniques and exercises

·        Actionable tips you can start practicing today!

With over 200,000 downloads, you have the ability to access this from anywhere! Listen in your car, on the bus, while you’re at home doing the dishes, etc.

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What if you could listen to your sales reps' responses at various stages of the training program and hear their confidence, delivery, and competence? We can turn that dream into a reality... 

Virtual Voice helps reps and managers reinforce key principles through technology and scorecards to help increase sales performance. This concept focuses on impromptu exercises where sales reps are asked to respond via a phone call with little to no warning, thus responding as if they were in real-life scenarios.


Your managers are in the trenches, not us.

Many managers face challenges to include maintaining consistency, keeping your team motivated, aligning with your marketing department, etc.

We've solved these problems through:

·        Custom Scorecards

·        Monthly Reinforcement Calls

·        Live Leadership Exercises

Through these 3 things, we don't just help your sales reps... we help your managers help your sales reps.


Customized Sales Training Programs

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