Who was your favorite teacher growing up?

What made them great? 


Chances are they understood you, made you feel important, and at the end of the day, most likely, made the class somewhat entertaining and fun.

Then conversely, who were the teachers you couldn't stand?  Probably for the exact same reasons, but just the opposite.


See, the problem is people would rather be entertained than educated.  But if you can do both, you now have the opportunity to empower them to take action and apply what was learned to real life.

Hence, we have developed a 3 step approach to helping people sell more effectively. 

  1. Educate

  2. Entertain

  3. Empower

Study after study has proven people learn best when

they are entertained.  


It's a very simple equation. 

  • If you can't entertain your audience, they won't be educated.

    • If they're not being educated, they won't learn.

      • ...and if they're not learning, then what's the point.

We believe in having fun while learning! 

Through Costigan Training, our process is simple:

  1. They'll learn on-line.

  2. They'll demonstrate “live”.

  3. They apply in the real world.


Live Light-Board Sessions

Through our advanced lightboard technology, we’ve made it easier for you to get your teams trained from the comfort of your office.

While there is no substitute for live on-site training with John, this is the next best thing.

And what’s better yet, it’s customized specifically to your company, your products, your customers, your competition, your specific objections, even your “speak” as to the specific terminology and acronyms in your business…..and it’s done “LIVE.”

Through these “Live” Light-Boarding Sessions, you will be able to have live coaching, live lessons, techniques, handle stalled deals…any challenge that arises within the sales process will be addressed and handled for you and your company.

Costigan Training University

Get the same training we've used with companies like Oracle, Amazon, Google, SAP, Gilead Pharmaceuticals and many more! 

With hundreds of topics and activities, worksheets and guides, this program will give you all the tools necessary to excel at your craft: sales! 


From start to finish, Costigan Training University walks you through step-by-step, paint by numbers fundamentals.


Think of sales training made by salespeople, for salespeople. We're big believers in less is more. Nothing is scarier than being introduced 

to a sales training curriculum only to see thousands of hours in courses of which only 10% would apply to their world.


We focus on giving you what you need to be successful: the basics and fundamentals, prospecting, cold calling, objection handling, sales process, closing and the list goes on...

What's Included:


    • What 3 things must you do before you ever reach out to a new prospect

    • Learn how to get rid of fear and anxiety before you cold-call


    • Learn how the "Confidence Card" helps you establish immediate credibility

    • What are your 3 great rockstar questions that gets customers "Wow, great question"?


    • Do you find yourself "winging it" on sales calls?

    • Do you have a process that allows you to control the sales cycles and leave with clear next steps?

    • Are you losing control of the sale?

    • Customers going dark on you after you present your solution?


    • Learn how to get ahold of the right person, right now!

    • Are gatekeepers keeping you away from decision makers?

    • Are you hiding behind email and LinkedIn?


    • No one likes it, but the great ones know they have to do it... Learn from the best!

    • What if you could 3x your response rate on voicemail and email?


    • Learn the difference between soft-skills and hard-skills

    • Do you find yourself saying the "UMMM..." and "UHHH..." when hearing objections? Learn how to increase your confidence 

    • How are you handling "we're happy", "just send me information", or "you're too expensive"?


    • Learn the Top 5 ways to close business

    • Understand the Top 5 myths about closing

    • Time and control: Learn the 2 critical parts of closing any sale


    • Do customers go all dark on you?

    • Are they not getting back to you after you send your proposal?

    • Do customers lie and say they are the decision maker when they really aren't?

  • ​BONUS: DOWNLOADABLE TOOLS, TEMPLATES AND RESOURCES to help you sell and close faster!

What To Say & How To Say It

Want to practice sales on-the-go? Here's what

you get with this digital download:

  • 4.5+ hours of entertaining content

  • Reinforcement techniques and exercises

  • Actionable tips you can start practicing today!

CD/Digital Download

With over 100,000 downloads, you have the ability to access this from anywhere! Listen in your car, on the bus, while you’re at home doing the dishes, etc.

Live Sales Rep Reinforcement

Through our patent pending Real-Time Mirroring Technology, we interact in real time to provide:

  • Objection Handling

  • Role Playing

  • Voice Mail Exercises

  • Closing Classes

  • even Live Cold Calls!


All recorded!

Live Management Reinforcement

Your managers are in the trenches, not us.


Challenges many managers face include maintaining consistency, keeping your team motivated, aligning with your marketing department, etc.


We've solved these problems through:

  • Custom Scorecards

  • Monthly Reinforcement Calls

  • Live Leadership Exercises

Through these 3 things we don't just helps your sales reps... we help your managers help your sales reps.

Virtual Voice Exercises

What if you could listen to your sales reps' responses at various stages of the training program and hear the difference in their confidence, delivery and competence?

We can turn that dream into a reality... in the jungle! The “jungle vs. zoo” concept focuses on non scheduled impromptu exercises using our virtual voice technology.

Virtual voice helps reps and managers reinforce key principles though technology and score-carding to help increase sales performance. This concept focuses on non-scheduled impromptu exercises where sales reps are asked to respond to an email via a phone call with little to no warning, thus responding as if they were in a real life scenario.

What's Included:


    • ​“I’m sorry, what do you do?” is the simplest of questions.

    • The Problem: Reps ramble on or complicate the message to the point where you've turned off the customer or prospect. 


    • ​Why doesn't voice mail work?

    • The Problem: Reps sound like everyone else when leaving it. We’ll show you how to get triple your returns in less than 24 hours. It’s not just what, but how you say it.


    • One of the most common concerns of sales people is handling objections.

    • The Problem: They wing it and rely on experience versus a tried and true process. 


    • Wasting time and energy is a big concern not just to the rep, but to the company.

    • The Problem: Deals aren't qualified correctly leading to opportunities stuck in "hope alley", hoping they will close.

Quick Start New Hire Ramp Up

Getting new hires caught up to speed can be a tedious and frustrating task at times.


With this online program, new hires ramp up quicker and learn at their own pace while receiving a best practices lesson plan. This both simplifies and speeds up the process in an efficient manner, saving management time and energy.


Customized Portal

One of the hardest tasks a sales rep has when asked to execute on what they learned within the confines of their training program is how to apply it to “real world.”

The purpose of customizing your content is to eliminate the need for your reps to do it.

Your entire curriculum is customized. From books and portals, to emails and COVID-19 objections, right down to the exact titles of your sales people.

Customized Content

The difficulty many salespeople face is translating generic cookie cutter answers to their specific vertical and demographic.

The result can be frustrating and tedious which in the end could lead to sales reps simply “giving up too quickly.”

Customized content provides a paint-by-numbers approach that minimizes effort and while maximizing results.

If it’s prior to reaching out and engaging a prospect/customer, or if you’re in the midst of a negotiation, regardless of stage, confidence is “almost” everything in the sales process.


Surprisingly, many reps though focus more on their products than they do on the customer.


The magic behind these cards is putting the customer first and our products second, not the other way around.

From Pharma to Farm Equipment, Technology to

Travel and Entertainment, salespeople are constantly

inundated with rejection and resistance.

The goal is to arm your people not only with the

competence required to respond at a moment’s notice, but also with the confidence necessary to gain trust. 


Our G³ Process focuses not just on what to say, but how to say it.

BONUS: Client Whitepaper

Click HERE to download the exact whitepaper responsible for:

  • A 680% increase in revenue within 90-days ($720,000 in revenue vs $49,000)

  • 650% increase in opportunities

  • Reducing 40% the time it took to determine whether we're moving forward or not

Customer Testimonials


If you feel your message, process, or even internal motivations or mindsets are affecting activities and/or sales, we would be humbled to discuss the specifics of what you’re experiencing and determine how we can help.


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Starting his company on a 100 dollar bet, he wanted to turn sales training upside down by tackling what many sales people fear; it won't work on my customer.

"It's one thing to show a skeptical sales person how to do's another to get them to do it." John explains.

"Our goal is to educate and entertain you.  If we can do that, we can now empower you!   That's the ultimate goal!"

John Costigan has been named Top 25 Most Influential Sales Trainers in the United States as well as "Best Speaker" 2 years in a row for HIDA.

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