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"LIVE" Cold Calling Into YOUR Toughest Prospects

Henry Ford once said: “If you believe you can or you can't, either way, you'll probably be right.”

"SEEING IS BELIEVING!" as John puts it.  "If you can get a sales rep to believe not just in the product, but in themselves as well, that's a lethal combination." 

Witnessing John pick up the phone and call into accounts "live" in real-time is something very few trainers in the world would even think of doing let alone having the skill set to do it. But that's exactly what John has been doing since 2002. 

"We cold call "live" to inspire people,"  John explains.  "Yes, the process and techniques need to work, but there's nothing worse than attending training only to return and implement nothing." 

That’s one of the great advantages of LIVE sales training. It allows salespeople to believe again!

Live Training Image

“The power of hearing John Costigan in person is something you simply have to experience for yourself”

John can motivate you but he has to teach you how to get by gatekeepers, overcome objections, get to the right level, shorten the distance to “yes”, differentiate you from your competition without dropping YOUR price. These are all the things he will help you do which will make you more competent which in turn will make you more confident which leads to more success.