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We’ve recently embraced a new “lightboard” technology that has helped customers have an immediate impact on their bottom line by helping you sell more of your products, get into the right levels, close faster…all through a system that doesn’t require calling your travel department to spend an enormous amount of money on flights, hotels, meals, etc…for your people to get trained.

While there is no substitute for live on-site training with John, this is the next best thing.

And what’s better yet, it’s customized specifically to your company, your products, your customers, your competition, your specific objections, even your “speak” as to the specific terminology and acronyms in your business…..and it’s done “LIVE.”

Through these “Live” Light-Boarding Session’s, which we call “Costigan Academy “Live”, you will be able to have live coaching, live lessons, techniques, handle stalled deals…any challenge that arises within the sales process will be addressed and handled for you and your company.

But one of the additional challenges most reps face is afterward. The usual; ”Ok, what did he say again?” All of our courses will have the audio version downloadable to your mobile device. No more restrictions of having to be online or on a webinar to review the content. Costigan’s 1–Click allows you to simply download the audio track and now you can listen to the content whenever, wherever without being tied to your computer.

Think about how you might have learned in a classroom setting. Chances are you took notes throughout the course..but when the professor wrote on the board, EVERYONE took those notes.

The manner in which we have learned for our liftetime was taken to a new level by a Northwestern University professor. He wanted to not just have a solution that was scalable, he also wanted to face his students and write on a large piece of glass that is surrounded by a light source. As Students would watch him, in the classroom, the image was projected, but mirrored so they could read it. But, even after the fact, the professor wanted to let his students have the ability to review the content as much as possible.

To date, Universities such as Northwestern, Stanford, UNC, NC State and a host of others all utilize this technology.

So if it works in the university systems, why not in real world. Why should we be so determined to try and teach people differently once they’re out of college.

On top of that, think about your favorite professor. Why did you enjoy their class? See, no matter how great the technology is, you still have to have someone deliver. And that’s where John comes in.

He’s trained 100’s of thousands of people with companies such as Oracle, Google, DropBox, Gilead Pharmaceutical, and hundeds more and one reason has been his style and delivery.

Combining technology and delivery has created an opportunity for you to train your people quicker, more effectively, while saving money and getting results.