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People Buy For 3 Reasons: 
  1. You
  2. The Company
  3. The Product          ...and in that order. 
Why is it the same salespeople continue to hit their number year after year after year? 
It's not the company, it's not the product.  It's the Rep!
Ps...Because if the company and product were that great everyone would be hitting their number.
In our sales training programs, you'll learn what the best of the best do.  How they prospect, present, pre-qualify, not waste time, overcome objections, negotiate, even close.
Take the first step in taking control of your life so you can have the life you deserve versus the life you envy.
It comes down to one thing:  You! 
Imagine You're A Sales Manager:
When managing salespeople, we all have our A, B, and C Players. 
The "A" Players are the best.  Support them, help them become even better, and stay out of their way! 
The "C" Players need every opportunity to be successful, but the sad fact is sometimes "C" Players weren't meant to be in sales and it's time for them to be happy in something they are good at.
Then there are the "B" Players. If you can move just a few "B" Players to the "A" Player Level, your numbers will take off! 

Sales Management Training isn't just about managing quotas and KPI's, forecasts and funnels.  It's about identifying your team, making hard decisions and focusing on what you can do to not just educate, but inspire your people to become great.

John Costigan Companies takes sales training to not just the next level, but the ultimate level. We demonstrate live what it takes to get past the gatekeeper, get an invitation for the appointment (that’s right, they will invite you in ) and ultimately make the sale.

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Creating the change that leads to success

John Costigan Companies makes it simple: We help create the change in behavior that leads to success.

The biggest problem with most sales training classes is that they don’t change behaviors. And the reason is simple: change is uncomfortable. It’s easier to continue doing what is familiar, even if it’s not necessarily working or doesn’t produce the desired results.

Making the changes that are necessary to grow as a sales professional is difficult if the role playing, methodologies, techniques, or the delivery of a training class are hard to understand and nearly impossible to implement.