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Imagine You're A Sales Rep: 

What if we said the following:

  1. Over 50% of all Voice Mail Calls you leave will call back within 2 days.
  2. When they DO call back, they will invite you in! (No begging for the appointment or next conference call.)
  3. When you DO go in, they will provide to you a "Yes" or "No" at the completion of that meeting.
  4. AND, you'll never EVER have to ask for the order again. They'll just GIVE it to you. 

...and all of this happens "LIVE" by John, right in front of you! 

For 16 years John has opened his sessions by telling his audiences the above 4 bullet points will happen.  He then demonstrates how it works. 

But most importantly, he shows YOU how to do it. 

Imagine You're A Sales Manager:
When managing salespeople, we all have our A, B, and C Players. 
The "A" Players are the best.  Support them and you're gold. The "C" Players take a lot of our time and sadly, in the end, many just don't make it.  (Yes, when the Cinderella Story happens, it's great, but it's rare.) 

Just 3% of your "B" Players moved into the "A" Player category impacts your business significantly! 
Simply put: We help you manage better so your people perform better. 

John Costigan Companies takes sales training to not just the next level, but the ultimate level. We demonstrate live what it takes to get past the gatekeeper, get an invitation for the appointment (that’s right, they will invite you in ) and ultimately make the sale.

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Creating the change that leads to success

John Costigan Companies makes it simple: We help create the change in behavior that leads to success.

The biggest problem with most sales training classes is that they don’t change behaviors. And the reason is simple: change is uncomfortable. It’s easier to continue doing what is familiar, even if it’s not necessarily working or doesn’t produce the desired results.

Making the changes that are necessary to grow as a sales professional is difficult if the role playing, methodologies, techniques, or the delivery of a training class are hard to understand and nearly impossible to implement.