Get to the Right Person, Right Now!!

Get Past Gatekeepers to the Decision Makers. 

Get the #1 Rule of ALL Sales

4 additional BONUSES for $3794 off the regular price

When you buy all three you receive all the items below for $1191, we walk you through the entire sales process, you’ll learn what to do at every turn. You will develop a simple, yet effective sales process so you’re not “winging it” on sales calls anymore, and get you in the door to any organization during prospecting.

Included when you buy all three:

  • Pre-call Prep

    • Learn how the "Confidence Card" helps you establish immediate credibility

    • What are your 3 great rockstar questions that get customers "Wow, great question"?

  • Advanced Closing Process

  • After the Call


    • Do customers go all dark on you?

    • Are they not getting back to you after you send your proposal?

    • Do customers lie and say they are the decision-maker when they really aren't?

    • ​BONUS: DOWNLOADABLE TOOLS, TEMPLATES, AND RESOURCES to help you sell and close faster!

  • Download "What to Say and How to Say it"

    • Want to practice sales on-the-go? Here's what you get with this digital download:​

    • 4.5+ hours of entertaining content

    • Reinforcement techniques and exercises

    • Actionable tips you can start practicing today!

    • With over 100,000 downloads, you have the ability to access this from anywhere! Listen in your car, on the bus, while you’re at home doing the dishes, etc.

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If you are not 100% satisfied with our product for any reason, just let us know and we will refund you entire investment.


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Starting his company on a 100 dollar bet, he wanted to turn sales training upside down by tackling what many sales people fear; it won't work on my customer.

"It's one thing to show a skeptical sales person how to do's another to get them to do it." John explains.

"Our goal is to educate and entertain you.  If we can do that, we can now empower you!   That's the ultimate goal!"

John Costigan has been named Top 25 Most Influential Sales Trainers in the United States as well as "Best Speaker" 2 years in a row for HIDA.

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