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CEO / Founder

In 2002, on a $100.00 bet from his oldest brother, John started a sales training company where the core focus was to perform his sales techniques “Live”, by making real-time cold calls, for his clients, showing them how to get in the door to virtually anyone.

The success of that first class propelled John’s career to a level even he didn’t expect.  From Bangalore to Boston, Dubai to Dublin, John has traveled the world training and speaking to more than a quarter of a million people for a "Who's who" of customers;

Google, Oracle, DropBox, Experian, NetApp, Tommy Hilfiger, Merrill Corp., R.R. Donnelly, SAS, Exxon Mobile, The Boston Celtics, The Carolina Hurricanes and The University of Florida, Texas University and Santa Clara University.

Some of his accomplishments:
  • Named Top 25 Most Influential Sales Trainers in the United States by The American Association of Sales Professionals.
  • Hosted a weekly radio program titled, “Everyone’s a Sales Person”
  • He’s the only person to be named “ “Best Speaker” 2 years in a row for HIDA.
  • He’s been an expert advisor to “The Apprentice”.
  • Has trained over 200K plus people through his seminar, CD's and Motivational Speaking
  • He sits on the Board of Directors for Higher Education for Sales Excellence at Northern Illinois University
  • He’s sold over 10,000 CD’s and DVD’s
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John is originally from Chicago, Illinois, but now calls Raleigh North Carolina home. He's the father of 2 beautiful children, a former collegiate, and professional basketball player, and his prayers were finally answered when the Chicago Cubs finally won the world series.

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