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Have you ever driven by some fabulous home or estate and wondered what does that person might do for a living? Did they invent the pop top or something? Those are obviously dreams that some of us have, especially when you’re younger. We might fantasize about having a big house and that fancy car and a lot of money. I truly hope that you all have the ability to have that one day, because when you do, it’s then that you realize there’s so many other things that make our lives happy, other than just acquiring stuff.

Happiness is different for everybody. Just as what motivates us, just as what may or may not work for you in your pursuit of being a phenomenal salesperson, CEO, business manager, whatever that may be. One of the best videotapes I’ve seen is of Bobby Jones; a famous golfer back in the 30s and 40s. He had a videotape that he made and it was called “Bobby Jones, Golf My Way.” What I loved about the video was is that he said, “Listen, this is how I play golf. I’m not saying you need to play golf this way because everybody plays golf differently but maybe if I share with you some of the ways that I play golf, there might be a couple things I do that can help you.”

I look at my motivational speeches the same way. Maybe there is something you can take away from what motivates me every day. I do a speech called “The Top Five Things That Successful People Do. I’m a big believer that success leaves tracks and I copy a lot of successful people for just that fact. If it’s good enough for a Warren Buffett or a Henry Ford, then it’s good enough for me. I can safely guarantee you one thing: if you just do what other successful people do, you most definitely will improve your rate of being successful.

With that being said, John’s motivational speeches cover topics such as; “The Top Five Things That Successful Salespeople Do” to his latest; “The Sales CEO,” which is an incredible speech regarding what you as a business owner and CEO can do to directly impact the success of your company from a sales perspective. With that being said, feel free to reach out to us and take that first step in bringing John into your organization. Please click here to request a sample of John’s motivational speeches.

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