Costigan Frisbee Live

“You have to see it to believe it.”

Regardless of the training programs we offer, one of the toughest challenges most companies face is the ability to prospect and cold call. How do we get in and how to sell into the right level to have the right conversation with the right person, say the right things, and do it in a world where everybody wants it right now?


Cold Calls


Don’t sound like a sales person

Get their guard down


Qualifying opportunities

Getting to the right level

LinkedIn messaging

People who attend Costigan LIVE™ become instant fans as they witness, firsthand, the techniques that are virtually guaranteed to turn prospects into customers and John does it live. His famous Frisbee presentation is when he throws out a Frisbee into the audience and whoever catches it, brings it up on stage and then tells John what prospect he has never been able to get hold of or the deal he or she has never closed. John calls them live on a speaker phone so all can hear both sides of the call.

You get to watch one of the best trainers in the world “fly with no net.”

There is no place for John to hide when he gets on that call. Just recently, John uncovered a $1.2 million opportunity that the sales person never even knew existed. When John comes in to train, your sales people will never again be able to say: “I can’t get in to that prospect!”

John Costigan has led thousands of live sales training classes around the world, for companies of all sizes. And if firms with the stature of Google, Oracle, Tommy Hilfiger, ExxonMobil and SAS achieve dramatic results with Costigan LIVE seminars, we think you will, too.