Inside sales Department of Oracle; BDCs (Business Development Consultants) having trouble:

  • Getting into accounts at the right level
  • Attacking Greenfield accounts where they never did business with
  • Expanding wider and broader in Enterprise accounts of business they already had


Providing a process that allowed the BDCs to:

  • Get rid of their fears before even picking up the phone to make a cold call
  • Working smart instead of hard by designing a process that allowed them to get by the gatekeepers but also leaving an effective message to get responses back from their target prospect
  • Once they did get a response learn how to move that opportunity into the funnel


“I had a Costigan day today! I called one of the world’s largest camera companies. The technique you taught blew me away. The next thing I know, the Director of Warranty Claims Worldwide is actually talking to me on the phone within minutes. It turns out that they chose another vendor a year ago and it’s not going well. We contacted the vendor and they want us to help them. I’m still scratching my head. I can’t believe that just happened!”



Google’s biggest focus is getting next steps from those who are already interested and speeding up the deal cycle and obtaining next steps is probably where we need the most help.


Google’s Enterprise Account Executives team faced challenges that they didn’t expect since they were one of the top brands in the world.

  • Regardless of their brand, account execs were having very little success getting voicemails returned or responding to their emails
  • The messages they were sending out in LinkedIn and through email was realizing a very low return rate
  • Their Account execs will failing in the first 30 seconds because they were taking for granted that their brand would get them received well


Providing a process that allowed the BDCs to:

  • John provided a customized solution to them that was different than anything they had experienced before.
  • John created a script that didn’t depend on their brand
  • He created a LinkedIn email template that increased their responses by threefold
  • John gave the reps a process to build rapport first before they began asking questions.


Hi John,

Today has been an awesome day so far. Using some of those voicemails has been a big help. I’ve gotten 3 responses already in just a few hours.

Also, I am using your “LinkedIn” invitation template. I am trying to add others to my network and get old leads to respond. Already gotten almost 50 responses! I suppose it’s a “cold email” approach to leads that expressed interest a long time ago ~ in any event, the follow-up results have been outstanding.




The Premier Sales Team, the group of the most experienced salespeople, was having problems with:

  • Finding new opportunities
  • Getting to a high level when prospecting
  • Lengthy Sales Cycles


Provide solution by calling accounts and demonstrating live to the sales organization, in Call to Action training, how to:

  • Penetrate new accounts at high levels and gain interest immediately
  • Uncover information about the account that is needed to understand how they do business
  • Communicate openly with the customer to understand all objections and overcome them
  • Take the necessary steps to move the deal forward
  • Discover new opportunities within existing accounts


“One month after bringing John into our organization we saw a 50 percent increase in new opportunities, 14 percent increase in appointments being made with decision makers and 74 percent increase in deals being moved forward. Before John’s class approximately 4 percent of voicemails being left by our reps were being returned. That number has jumped to 68 percent – these are measurable and significant results.”


New Opportunity Increase


Increase in Booked Appointments


Deals Moved Forward

Amazing Result

About SAS

World’s Largest Privately Held Software Company

Incorporated in 1976, SAS is the world’s largest privately held software company with nearly 10,000 employees at over 100 offices worldwide. SAS is the market leader in providing a new generation of business intelligence software and services that create true enterprise intelligence.

Used At More Than 40,000 Sites

SAS solutions are used at more than 40,000 sites – including 90 percent of the Fortune 500 – to develop more profitable relationships with customers and suppliers; to enable better, more accurate and informed decisions; and to drive organizations forward. SAS is the only vendor that completely integrates leading data warehousing, analytics and traditional BI applications to create intelligence from massive amounts of data.

Extensive Demographic Studies

In 2015, SAS continued its unbroken track record of revenue growth and profitability with overall revenue of $7.18 billion. SAS also invested 25 percent of revenues into research and development – nearly twice the average investment of large software companies – to support new development initiatives.

CA Short Case Study

The Point of Pain

The sales organization was having difficulty with:

  • Closing sales
  • Constantly responding to RFPs and getting caught up in competitors’ bidding wars
  • Wasting time doing demo after demo without any commitment
  • Low morale

The Next Step

Show the sales organization, in Call to Action training, how to:

  • Get the customer to stop stalling and move forward immediately
  • Respond to an RFP in a way that is totally different than expected—and then win the business
  • Get commitment to move forward without doing the demo first
  • Increase enthusiasm of sales organization


“John’s lasting effect on the sales organization speaks for itself. CA Short increased sales 42 percent in the first six months, an additional 26 percent in the remaining 6 months, and we reduced our Travel and Entertainment budget 57 percent. I am from the old school that you must wine and dine a client in our business to be successful. I never imagined I could reduce my entertainment budget and increase the sales organization’s performance at the same time. Putting it mildly, when our sales organization gets together now, it is more like a New Year’s party than the funeral it once was. Success will do that. Thank you John Costigan Companies!”
– Chuck Davis, CEO, CA Short


Sales Increase


Savings in Expenses

Amazing Result

CA Short History

CA Short Company was founded in the spring of 1937 in the Shelby, North Carolina home of entrepreneur Clyde A. Short. His idea was to offer local Carolina businesses with large numbers of employees a one-stop solution for their holiday gift award program. The program that included items such as candy and specialties was a huge success.

Company Growth

Eventually toys and other popular holiday merchandise items were added at a customer’s request. The idea took off. As CA Short grew, customers began to request other employee recognition programs such as years of service awards; safety award and performance award programs were then developed to provide even more choice and more value to customers and their employees.

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